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Zago Body Buddy Product Review [Health Drink]

From dawn to dark, each one of us has to meet numerous deadlines. The sheer exhaustion that envelopes us as we rush through the day, doing chores, running errands and a lot more puts our body under stress. During this endurance, we fail to meet our body’s nutritional requirements. While the Indian meal is rich in carbohydrates, supplying protein to recover our muscles becomes a challenge.

To curb this issue, we recently got a chance to review – Zago body buddy! But before we get there, here’s why whey and casein is important for you.

Whey is commonly described as a fast-release protein, meaning it is quickly digested and absorbed. Casein is considered slow-release by comparison. Thus, by supplementing your diet with a blend of casein and whey, presumably, you can receive the benefits of both “speeds” of protein (i.e., rapid yet sustained delivery of protein building blocks to your growing muscles).

There may be other benefits to combining your whey and casein. Whey protein is a source of a number of biologically active peptides (i.e., short chains of amino acids). Some of these peptides may provide healthful properties (i.e., lower blood pressure, improve mood). Casein helps to preserve the functions of such peptides. This effect appears to be unique to casein. Casein seems to block the breakdown of whey peptides in your intestine.

It can increase the lifetime of some peptides by over 15 times. That gives the peptides a greater opportunity to do your body good. In the same way, casein may also render your whey protein more useful to your muscles by slowing down its digestion and absorption.

To sum it up, a protein blend supplement containing casein and whey may give you not only the bodybuilding benefits of slow- and fast-release proteins, but also a host of other healthful properties that might be absent when consuming either protein on its own.

Zago Body Buddy review:-


A major Zago body buddy benefit is that it comes in a 330ml palm-sized bottle, which easily fits in your hand, pocket and anywhere in your bag. This makes it easy to carry it around and consume whenever required.

Zago Body BuddyFlavour:

The Body Buddy is available in four crazy flavours Caramel Coffee, Chocolate, Mango & Chocolate orange. After trying them all, we couldn’t decide which one is the best. The viscous Body Buddy is smooth on the taste buds and is easily digested. Just make sure to have them chilled.


The 330ml bottle is packed with 20g of Whey + Casein protein and vitamins. This makes it a reliable on the go that helps you stay in shape. Moreover, the Zago Body Buddy price for a pack of 6 is INR 600.

Full for longer:

The Zago Body Buddy brings you a healthy, delicious ready-to-drink shake that has the goodness of Whey & Casein proteins and vitamins. Consuming this not only keeps you full for longer but is also a great way to eat healthy during your busy schedule and stay in shape.

Whether you are running late for office, need to catch an early morning flight, going on a trek where you cannot carry those huge protein tubs, the Zago Body Buddy is a good idea.

Simply carry it along and consume, no need to worry about your protein intake.

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