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Women cyclists in India

The world has been complicated ever since money and politics took over. However, Gender politics has always been an issue in India. Society has always been a curse to women. Men seem to have forgotten who got them into this world. I’m trying to strike a chord among women who might not otherwise get excited about cycling, or may have some issues restricting them from setting themselves free.

If every man was brought up and educated to respect and care for women, the world would be a better place to live in. Families have been over- protective about their daughters, so much so, that seldom do they realise, they are choking them. Even husbands and brothers need to open their minds. Well, let me remind you, that while ‘HE’ is busy partying and having the time of his life, ‘SHE’ is struggling to prepare dinner for you.

Why has this indifference? Why can’t it be the other way round? Why does she have to change her surname after getting married? all these reasons have contributed to lesser Women cyclists India.

Women have been ignored in a number of fields, be it business, education or sports. Things may have improved, on the whole, but women in sports are neglected even today, especially cycling. If asked, you could easily name the members of the men’s Indian cricket team. But, can you name one woman cyclist from India? Well honestly, neither can we!

If Women cyclists India have never been exposed to cycling, it isn’t only because of the gender bias or inequality. They may even suffer from a lack of confidence and fear of vehicular traffic on the road. Discomfort is also a common problem among women. Not all women feel comfortable bringing them up.

Besides their monthly menstrual cycle, the seat has always been an issue; the root cause for numbness and soreness in the pelvic region. Traffic has always been a fear for every cyclist and Safety, a major concern. That’s when I realized that, problems are everywhere, however, there are solutions to them too. Such problems may perhaps need some more time and effort, in order to be taken care off. But issues pertaining to the indifference and inequality by society are the major hurdles.

It is possible for women to see a Women cyclists India and get highly inspired.They might have even got the urge to give it a shot, but women in our society are suppressed because even bringing up the idea of cycling is considered stupid by the family. We might sound a little too negative in my approach to women cyclist, but there’s barely any good to be spoken off.

We think Women cyclists India are the most beautiful. When we notice a cyclist on the road and to my surprise if it’s a woman, it makes my day. Cycling is just like doing the math, all you need is practice. The start of slow. Wouldn’t it be productive if a Women cyclists India rode to the supermarket? One woman would soon lead to many. Just like a fashion trend; it’s contagious!

We asked a few questions to my cyclist friends who are women belonging to the working class and the student class. Why do u cycle?
One said that she was new to the city and cycling was the best way to explore every corner. Another friend tells me, that she finds it very convenient and easy. As a student, she saves a lot of money on travelling and she spends that money on food and clothes. She even thinks (in the case of a breakdown) pushing a bicycle is much easier than a bike or a car.

A friend who works tells me in spite of the negative attention she draws on the road, it’s a great stress buster. Working had made her fat, but cycling, on the other hand, has helped her get fit and lose weight.

Another friend rides because she likes the sense of freedom and loves to relive her childhood. It makes her happy while giving her a purpose besides her job.

Even today the number of Women cyclists India are few. We believe this can change if someone takes a stand, especially women. We thought this was a crucial part and we felt the need to bring this up. Besides the freedom that it gives you, cycling is an excellent way of exploring nature in detail as compared to the other modes of transport. It makes you feel and look young. So far, the experience of these women has been great. A lot of people do look up to them and that’s why we need women to cycle safely and talk about their experience. We want women to believe that cycling is INDEED SAFE.

There has to be a change in the mindset to increase the number of Women cyclists in India, because it’s never too late to ride a bicycle!

Picture courtesy:

  • Hitisha Mehta
  • Gurpreet Kaur Bilkhu And
  • Meenal Sharma

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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