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things cyclist love

11 Things Every Cyclist Absolutely Love!

There are quite a few that give cyclists an adrenaline rush! Carbon frame, electronic shifting, puncture proof tyres and a lot more. As much as a dysfunctional family that we are, cyclists are a bunch of crazy athletes. And much like other athletes, there are things that they love about the sport –


New kit. New shoes. New Everything:

Everything carbon:

KOM/QOM on Strava:



Toned Thighs:



Smooth roads:

PR of Strava:

Rain on a hot day:

things cyclist love

Images by Percy Natalia Karat

Velocrushindia233 Posts

Abhishek Tarfe, a man always on the move! A cycling enthusiast, a content writer by profession and a dreamer by nature. Abhishek always has something different up his sleeve! To know more, do follow him on his social media accounts.



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