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Mother’s Day Interview with Mommy Cyclist Disha Shrivastava

Q. Introduce yourself and your baby/babies.

A. I am Disha, from Mumbai and mother of two boys, Siddhanth almost 13 yrs and Shaurya just turned 9 yrs.

Q. First thing first, how did you fall in love with bicycling?

A. Immediately after my cycling trail to Bhutan. I never knew that cycling could be so much fun. I even had no idea on the varieties of bikes also.

Q.What role does your bicycle play in your life?

A. Same as what wings of a butterfly play, colorful, fluttery and always moving.

Q. How has your training/racing evolved/changed since becoming a mom?

A.  I started cycling as a passion much after I became a mom of two. Training happens only over the weekend else rest are school days. I have to manage time very well so that I am back home before everyone is out of bed and I don’t miss the morning family hours.

Q. What excites you about the growth of women cycling India?

A. Women are the backbone of the family. Women on the bike are an extremely liberating thought not just for the family but for the entire society. Let more women get on the saddle it will surely break various stereotype images and beliefs.

Q. Did you train /ride during your pregnancy? What’s one thing that could improve your experience as a cyclist? Also, what activities help your cycling?

A. I went through very bad pregnancies and gained massive weight. I could barely walk, leave aside cycling above all I was least bothered about my health that time. I wasn’t blissfully unaware about maintaining a good lifestyle.

One thing that could improve your experience as a cyclist: practice to ride for long hours to help in getting used to sore bums 🙂

Activities that help your cycling: gym workout, running and swimming.

Q. What motivated (or continues to inspire you) to get on your bike even after becoming a mom?

A. How does it matter? I realized it pretty late after becoming a mom that, it is important to live for yourself. Kids will lead their own life sooner or later, what will I do then? I like riding early in the morning to be on my own before everyone else gets up back home. It is amazing!

Q. How do your kids react to you when you’re ready to take on the bike? Any hilarious comments or memorable incident that you’d like to share with us?

A. My boys are always excited about my bike rides as I come back and share ride stories with them. They even remind if I am not riding for days to get on the bike.

Hilarious comments: After a series of falls I decided to ride from India gate to Wagah border for mental health awareness, my younger son bids me adieu by saying, “Rest all is fine but don’t break any bones now!

Q. Any tips or advice you would have for other moms with goals of getting back in shape and/or riding their bike?

A. Get hold of your life as soon as possible, you will fade sooner than you’ll realize so grab your shoes and move out and definitely do it.

Q. Do you think it’s important for parents to ensure their kids have enough playground time?

Free play is extremely important for children. you can teach them about mountains in geography textbooks but you can’t make them feel until they are out in nature. experience is not giving them a luxurious holiday but to bring them closer to nature.

Q. Anything else you want to share with the beautiful mommies today?

A. Moms, your duty to bring up your children is also an experience of self-learning and growth, maintain the two roles responsibly.


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