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Mother’s Day Interview with Mommy Cyclist Swati Sani

Q. Introduce yourself and your baby/babies.

A. My name is Swati and I am an entrepreneur, blogger, a passionate learner and a mom to my 20 year old son, Aasim who is currently studying abroad.

Q. First thing first, how did you fall in love with bicycling?

A. As a young woman, I always cycled everywhere, intact I commuted on my ever reliable BSA SLR cycle till I shifted to Bombay for a job – after which I picked up cycling after my son, who was home during vacations after his 11th std started cycling for pleasure and health. That year he and my husband did their first 200 km Brevet while I was clocking the distances of 50-60 kms. So in our family, everyone is a cycling enthusiast.

Q. What role does your bicycle play in your life?

A. It’s an activity which takes me places – both literally and figuratively

Q. How has your training/racing evolved/changed since becoming a mom?

A. It started because I am a mom of a cyclist.

Q. What excites you about the growth of women cycling India?

A. That they are becoming independent and are health conscious- a fit mom will have fit children.

Q. Did you train /ride during your pregnancy? What’s one thing that could improve your experience as a cyclist? Also, what activities help your cycling?

A. I wish I did. It would have been great.

Q. What motivated (or continues to inspires you) to get on your bike even after becoming a mom?

 A. Like I said, a cyclist son inspires me to be a cyclist mom.

Q. How do your kids react to you when you’re ready to take on the bike? Any hilarious comments or memorable incident that you’d like to share with us?

 A. He was happy. The first time I attempted my 200 km Brevet, it was hot and humid (45 deg C and 80% humidity and very strong winds in the month of June and it was a tough Brevet only 3 out of 20 riders could finish it ) my son was there in the support car and took care on every check point that I ate and kept hydrated – it was a huge motivator – so while people were quitting I kept going and had finished 139 kms when the heat and wind made it impossible to finish the Brevet on time.



Q. Any tips or advice you would have for other moms with goals of getting back in shape and/or riding their bike?

A. Just do it!

 Q.Do you think it’s important for parents to ensure their kids have enough playground time?

 A. Indeed. Outdoor play is extremely important for brining up a balanced human being.

Q. Anything else you want to share with the beautiful mommies today?

A. Keep loving yourself and keep pedaling.

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