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Lacing Pattern for Cyclists

Since childhood, getting our shoe laces right may have been a task for most of us. As a cyclist, loose laces getting tangled in the chainring can lead to a slight hitch, or even worse, an accident. Getting hooked under the crank may seem hilarious, but it may cause severe injuries. hence, the standard Lacing Pattern for Cyclists is not enough.

In order to avoid such accidents and look cool while doing so, I thought of an alternative method to tie up my laces. This method evens out the pressure and the snagging undergrowth of the tongue. Such a Lacing Pattern for Cyclists increases the length of the lace by at least 25%. The best part about this method is that the knots are tied on the side, away from the crank. Thus, reducing the risk of your shoe lace getting stuck in the crank, chain or other moving parts of the bicycle.

This Lacing Pattern for Cyclists method works best for an even number of eyelets e.g. 6 pairs= 12 eyelets. For the odd number of eyelets, the laces go on the opposite side.

Follow the simple steps below and get the ideal Lacing Pattern for Cyclists!

STEP 1 for Lacing Pattern for Cyclists:

Start from the foot end-thumb side of the shoe. This will bring both the ends
of the lace to the opposite side of the pedal towards the end once you
finish lacing. Insert both ends of the shoe laces into each eyelet (thumb side) pulling it from the opposite side eyelets from the inside out.

This is what you will get.

STEP 2 for Lacing Pattern for Cyclists:

Now, push the lace from end number one into three and lace number two into four respectively.
And this is what you will get. The ends of the laces run straight up on the outside, each lace skipping one eyelet.

STEP 3 for Lacing Pattern for Cyclists:

Both the ends of the lace continue to run across in the upward direction filling two eyelets at a time.
Continue doing this alternative running till the lace ends appear on the same side of the top first and the second eyelets of the shoe simultaneously.

Now you can tie a knot!

The best knot one can tie after this lacing is Ian’s knot.

Begin with a starting knot followed by making loops and pushing both ends
into the other loop simultaneously. Pull it tight to get an instant knot.

The following link will lead you to his blog where he teaches us how to tie the Ian knot

If your shoe laces are round, it’s time to get rid of them and replace
them with flat ones as the flat laces don’t open up easily!Cleats can play a big part too with the additional advantages it provides while cycling.

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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