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Happy Ratio Review: The Drink for Complete Nutrition

It’s so often we leave our homes without consuming a complete breakfast. Caught in the circle of life, it’s always a chase to stay ahead of time. In this bargain, little do we realise that our health takes a toll. 

Once you miss your window, cravings are natural and so is the tendency to munch on junk food. From office goers to college students, breakfast is a must. You might be busy, you might not be hungry or you just don’t feel like eating; eating the right breakfast is vital to meet your bodies requirements and to keep you running at 100%.

And if you still have excuses, we have something innovative, unique and healthy that will meet your nutritional requirements and keep you on the go!

Happy Ratio: The Drink for Complete Nutrition

Available across 105 cities, Happy Ratio is not new to the Indian market. A lot of students, office goers, teachers, mothers have been using it. This product uses nutrition and science to make people healthy and strong through their Meal Replacement Shakes. 

Why Happy Ratio?

Looking to lose weight?

Too busy to eat?

Looking to replenish your reserves after a workout? 

Happy Ratio has got you covered!

There are tons of different products we need to eat to meet our bodies requirements, but with one serving of Happy Ratio, all our bodies need are fulfilled. 

Besides, it has no preservatives and is completely gluten-free and trans-fat-free.

What we liked more about this product is that it fits easily in your pocket and can be carried around anywhere.  All you need is a bottle of water. Simply mix, sip and restore your nutritional requirements. 

Why cyclist should consume Happy Ratio?

We are used to riding for endless hours, early morning and then rush back so we can freshen up and reach office on time. This leaves us with very little time to fulfil our bodies nutrition requirements. As a result, most of us just rush out just to feel bonked after a couple of hours. This not only affects your recovery but also takes a toll on your work. With regular consumption of Happy Ratio, this gap can be bridged!


With just a handful of ingredients, Happy Ratio provides complete nutrition that is required to power muscles, brain, metabolism & immunity.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients and their benefits:


Like any other protein supplement, it’s not surprising to find whey protein as an important ingredient in Happy Ratio. As whey is a rich source of all 9 amino acids, which are easily digestible, meeting your bodies daily requirement is easier. 


Vegetarian sources like sunflower, flaxseeds and sesame create a balanced fatty acid profile ratio (Monounsaturated: polyunsaturated) of 1:2. This ratio is vital when it comes to ensuring no deficiency symptoms including fatigue, poor memory or dry skin


A naturally occurring disaccharide synthesised from beets, Isomaltulose is half as sweet as sugar that provides sustained energy without the spikes that refined sugars are known for.


Little do we know, 22% of the enzymes in our body require vitamins or minerals to work properly. Besides, they are very important for preventing disease and healthy ageing.

To our surprise, Happy Ratio has every one of the 26 vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

What more do you want?


happy ratio review

If you’ve ordered chocolate or vanilla, don’t expect it to taste like a sugary, fatty milkshake or an Oreo shake. Keep in mind that it’s a health drink and that’s exactly how it tastes. According to us, the subtle flavour and aroma of Happy Ratio is perfect.

Dissolve Rate:

The powder of Happy Ratio solubilises quickly when dissolved in water. However, you need to shake or blend it like any other supplement.  Hence, you can consume it in no time.

happy ratio review

Ease of Digestion:

Those of you who have tried a lot of proteins will know, a product that sits naturally in your belly and doesn’t make you feel uneasy or burp are ideal. When we tried the Happy Ratio and we found it very easy to digest as it goes easy on the inner lining of the stomach. Besides, one sachet makes you feel full for a good 3-4 hours without making you feel hungry.  


Happy Ratio products are pretty decently priced. For trial pack, it’s INR 498 (2 servings) whereas, for a pack of 10, you pay INR 1999. 

Considering you are getting a complete meal replacement in one serving, the pricing is pretty decent. 


The packing seems pretty good and it surely manages to keep the product airtight(until you open it). Besides, we do feel that the packing would look much better with different colours. 


How many times have you purchased a health supplement product and didn’t know how to go about with the dosage? 

You probably have a scoop or 2 as recommended on the back of the pack. However, Happy Ratio goes beyond that. As it is for the weight watchers, fitness enthusiast and busy professionals, Happy Ratio has played out a system that you can blindly follow. To know more about the system, click here 

Final verdict:-

If you are one of those who wish to stay fit, lose weight or just take care of your body, Happy Ratio is for you. 

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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