PPOF -Folding bicycle

The most Portable, high-tech folding E-bike on the planet!

The PPOF (Pankaj Patil on Foldie) Folding cycle, is the first Indian commuter bike that is ideal for long as well as short distances.

The frame is strong, light, comfortable, compliant yet stiff. It can hold its own with manufacturers that have been making frames for decades.

A big advantage of folding bicycle is that it can accommodate riders of virtually any height which makes custom frames unnecessary.

The folding bicycle frame carries a 5-year warranty and the parts are covered for 1 year. EVO Bikes Vashi is the official tech support for PPOF.

You can read the interview with the Founder of PPOF, Pankaj Patil here.

Here are five advantages of having a folding bicycle:-

  1. Folding bcicyles are easy to carry and store

  2. You can fold and take them on public transport

  3. They're a one size fit for people with different height

  4. Folding bicycles will make you look cool wherever you go

  5. They do not have a higher maintenance cost

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