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Cycling in Bangalore and Around: Best Places to Ride Your Bike

Bangalore, a city you can’t stop from falling in love with. The hundreds of cafes, the trails of trees, the beautiful weather and the love for cycling. The city has a lot to offer the blooming community of cyclists. Whether you are a leisure cyclist or want to test your endurance, Bangalore has a venue for all.

If you are looking to go cycling in Bangalore, here’s a list of the best places to ride your bike-

Ulsoor Lake:

Ulsoor, also known as Halasuru, is a good 3.3 km route if you are just starting out with cycling. You can get used to the streets and build your navigation skills in traffic. This popular place to go cycling in Bangalore is a good way to kick-start your day.


If you love riding uphill but are in no haste to get to the top, start your ride from the 5th block and go up to Lalbagh via Madhavan Park. Covered with trees, this popular place to go cycling in Bangalore is a straight 10-km loop with really good roads.

Cubbon Park:

Looking to ride with your cycling buddies? Bring them to Cubbon Park. The wide roads, better visibility and your cycling buddies, what more do you need? You can get here via New BEL Road, along Sankey Tank, via Palace Road, along with the golf course and up to Kanteerva Stadium. This place is popular among avid cyclists.

Turahalli Forest Well:

Another great spot to go cycling in Bangalore is the Turahalli forest well, which lies off Kanakapura road. This very popular cycling trail can also be reached via Banashankari or Uttarahalli.


Known as the Nandi Hills of South Bangalore, the Basavanbetta is a great venue for hill repeats. If you happen to have less time on hand and still want to do hill repeats, this place is the perfect cycling in Bangalore destination.

Kanakapura road: (Easy to Moderate)

Another popular place to go cycling in Bangalore is the Kanakpura road. The road is so popular, you are certain to bump into fellow cyclists. The rolling terrain here is quite scenic and has comparatively less traffic.


Before you reach Hesaraghatta, you’re welcomed with a nice tree cover and empty roads that guide you to Rajankunte. One of the favourite places to go cycling in Bangalore. Here, you can have fun just about 30 km outside the city.

GKVK campus: MTB or Road

If you are not confident enough to take the roads, this cycling place is just for you. Situated within the city, the GKVK campus offers safety as well as food and water. The agricultural university has a few restrictions within the campus, however, this does not stop that cyclists from exploring the trails.

Hennur Bamboo Forest: MTB or Road

Situated 15 minutes away from the outer road junction, this area offers a mix of easy and difficult roads. This pocket of nature is lush green that offers fresh air to the passing cyclists. You are also likely to hear birds chirping while you ride through the Hennur Bamboo Forest.

Mysore road: Hybrid, MTB or Road

The cultural capital of south India, Mysuru, is one of the premier attractions for cyclists. The four-lane state highway is a busy route, however, the traffic is practically uninterrupted and fast.

Cycling in Bangalore: Outskirts:-

Airport: MTB or Road

While airports are known for planes, the Bangalore Airport road is also famous for cyclists who love pushing themselves and testing their mettle. The good roads are flat and fun to ride on. If you love pushing hard, get your buddies on this popular place to go cycling in Bangalore.

Nandi Hills: Hybrid, MTB or Road

Once you are beyond the airport road, pedalling will take you to the Nandi hills. If you’re considering going long distance cycling on a weekend, this route is perfect. Just ensure to leave early to avoid the traffic on your way back. The 6 km uphill will definitely challenge your mettle and once achieved, it will treat you with a zooming downhill on the other side.

Hesaraghatta: MTB

Situated outside the city of Bangalore, the Hesaraghatta Lake is a freshwater man-made lake that offers lush farm fields, lakes and good roads. If you happen to be a fan of scenic beauty and birds, this is where you should be heading on your Velo. The flat terrain offers uninterrupted trails where you can keep riding.

Highway to Hyderabad:

If you love riding on long stretches of open country roads, nothing gets better than the Hyderabad highway. Cyclists can choose to ride on the highway or simply get off the paved road and explore the scenic route. Just ensure to carry the right bike for the occasion.

Besides the above famous cycling hotspots, you can also ride at Chika Tirupathi, Bannerghatta Jigani  Ramanagar, Magadi Road and Chika Tirupathi.

If you have discovered a new route while cycling in Bangalore, do comment and let us know!

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Abhishek Tarfe is a Certified Bike Mechanic from Park Tool School. He enjoys teaching people how to cycle and loves going on multi-day tours. Besides, he loves dogs and coffee. Follow his madness on Instagram

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