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Cycle Events | The Velo Ride – Mumbai Midnight Cycling

Cycle Events | The Velo Ride - Mumbai Midnight Cycling


Worli-Naka- Haji Ali-Peddar Road- Chowpatty- Marine Drive— Colaba- Gateway of India- NCPA- Marine Drive- Peddar road- Haji Ali- Worli Sea Face- Shivaji park- Worli, Jambori Maidan.

Date: 17th November 2018

Reporting Time: 09:00 pm

Start Time: 09:30 pm

Meeting point: Worli, Jambori Maidan

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Route Type: Mostly Flat

Total distance: 35-40 km approx

(Exact location will be sent via Whatsapp/Email)

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  • Fall in love with the city while you pedal by the Arabian sea
  • Meet new like-minded people
  • Relish some delicious snacks while you soak in the view by the bay

Is the Mumbai Midnight Cycling Ride for me?

If you miss cycling and want to get back, the Velocrush Ride (Mumbai Midnight Cycling Ride) is just for you. Enjoy the sea breeze, the quiet city streets under the moonlight. As the route is more of flats and consists of minimal elevation, everyone who has basic fitness are welcomed to participate.

Worli, Jambori Maidan

We meet at Worli, Jambori Maidan by 10:30 p.m and pick up our bicycles and nutrition for the cycle event. We introduce ourselves to one another and get a brief about the ride from our tour leader. While the sky turns dark and the moon shimmers its light on the waves, we head to towards Marine Drive Via Haji Ali- Peddar Road- Chowpatty on our bicycles.

Haji Ali

As we ride from our start point, we head towards our first Landmark in Mumbai, Haji Ali. Placed to our right, the Haji Ali Dargah looks like a tomb floating in the water. While over 8,000 visitors make their way to worship the saint, we pedal over Peddar Road and quickly pass the 19th Century era behind.

Marine Drive

We all might have been here in our cars or motor bikes, but on a bicycle, the feeling is exhilarating. We ride by the bay while we watch several stories unfold. Lovebirds chilling by the sea, friends catching up after long, people strolling, kids running around, chaiwallas selling Mumbai’s favourite cutting and us lost in translation while the endorphin kicks in.


We’ve been here endless times for shopping, haven’t we? But ever visited the same place on a bicycle under the moonlight?

It’s a sight never to be missed.

With the shutters down and dimly lit streets, the city is almost quiet while you pass Colaba towards the Famous Gateway of India. Here, the waves crash dozens of feet below while you watch the monument sparkle in the dark sky. 

A selfie here is a must!

Marine Drive (Taraporwalla)

Selfies are done and now it’s time to ride back home. We saddle up and ride back to Marine Drive Towards NCPA and head towards Taraporewalla for a much-needed refreshment break. We munch on some yummy sandwiches and ‘Mumbai’s cutting chai’ and relax by the bay. 

Once our body is refuelled, we head back the same way.

Peddar Road to Haji Ali

Enough with the storytelling, flat roads and easy riding. Now let us get your heart huffing and puffing on the other side, again. We silently pedal pass Chowpatty towards Haji Ali via the Peddar road climb. Once we tame the flyover, let’s roll towards Haji Ali while we enjoy the downhill.

Worli Sea face and back.

Hands on your brakes, don’t forget!

Worli Sea Face

Our ride is incomplete without the postcard view of the Worli Sea Face. A ride downhill gets us to pass Mahalaxmi temple and the Haji Ali Dargah towards the picturesque promenade that overlooks endless blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

With a distant Bandra Worli Sea Link as the backdrop and the entire Mumbai skyline behind, we pass and make way towards Prabhadevi (Siddhivinayak temple).

Shivaji Park

Last but not the least, we head towards the renowned Shivaji Park. We take a U-turn and head back to Worli, Jambori maidan to drop off our bicycles. 

  1. Cycle Rental

  2. Light Refreshments

  3. Helmets

  4. Expertise Charges

  5. Technician Onboard

  • Identity Proof (Mandatory)

  • Helmet (Mandatory, only if bringing own cycle)

  • Riding Gear and accessories (Optional)

  • Medicines those if you require usually

  • Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)

  • A backpack to put all these things

  • Participants who have rented the cycles need to transport cycles back at the initial gathering point at their own expenses if unable to complete the ride.

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other jewellery.

  • A planned activity or programs may be cancelled or revised depending on the weather or any other unavoidable circumstances

  • We will not be responsible for any physical harm during the activity. If you follow the instruction of the coordinator, chances of getting hurt remain rare

  • We wouldn’t be responsible for any damages to cycles


  • Registration through Website only. Please fill the form on the event page in case you have any queries regarding the event.

  • Please book the seat by paying online in Advance (Non-refundable). Limited seats only

  • No spot registrations will be allowed.

  • There might be an alteration in the route as per the situation.

What is the difference between the INR 499 ticket and the INR 749 ticket?

In the INR 499 ticket, you get your own bicycle and helmet. And in the INR 749 tickets, we provide you with a bicycle and helmet.

Do we have to get our own bicycles?

No, you don’t. Our package is inclusive of a bicycle, helmet and more. Our bicycles are off good quality and ideal for city riding.

Are cycles geared or non-geared?

Almost all our bicycle are geared.

What do I do if I want to back out from the ride?

It’s very rare you will back out from the ride. The pace of the ride is such that you will be able to complete the ride. However, in case of an injury you might have to back out. In such cases, Our Leaders will arrange a Taxi to drop Cycles at the starting point, the whole expenses of dropping cycles will be occurred by rider himself/herself.

What is the total distance we would be covering?

We would be covering around 30-40 kms on an average.

What do we get for refreshments?

All our refreshments are veg. You will get a sandwich, bottle of water and a Banana.

Do you provide jain food?

So sorry, we organise bicycles rides.

What do we do if we want to attend a nature’s call?

During the ride, we will be taking breaks. The breaks are planned such that you can use the public washroom. In case of outdoor ride there will be washroom at starting and ending point.

What should we carry along during the ride?

Carry a small backpack which you can wear on your back and cycle. You can use this to keep your refreshment box.

Can I get a cycle for my height?

We provide bicycles that come with a quick release. This can be used to adjust the seat height with ease as per your requirement.

Do we get a group discount?

Yes, we do provide group discounts, However, you need to have a minimum booking of 5. Please call us on 89280 41081.

How difficult is the ride? Will I be able to do this?

The route of the ride is personally hand-picked by us. We make sure the route is easy and anyone can do it.

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  1. You understand that the Company may provide You with a bicycle for the said Event and further, in such a case You shall be responsible to take due care of the said bicycle and ensure that the said bicycle is returned in the same condition as it was given to You before the Event, failing which the Company reserves the right to recover from You all necessary damages whether reparable or irreparable from You and You shall, at all times, be liable to pay the same. You shall be responsible for arranging any other moveable/ non-moveable assets required by You for the said Event and the Company shall not be responsible to provide You with the same, unless specifically agreed by the Company in writing. You shall be responsible for Your moveable/ non-moveable assets, and any damage caused to Your moveable/ non-moveable assets during the Event and thereafter.
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