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Contest Alert: India Cycle Festival Invites you for a Video Contest!

As you all know, India Cycling Festival is going to be held on December 7-8-9, 2018 at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai.

Besides the big mighty cycling brands who will be present at the venue, Velocrush along with the ICF will be holding a cycling video contest.

And you’re invited to participate.

So what’s the contest all about?

What will you be required to do?

And the most important of all, what are you winning?

Keep reading….

Contest Details:

1. Contest participants are required to create a trailer video which will address all of the following:

Promote India Cycle Festival with focus on the theme “How cycling changed my life,
Showcasing how it has impacted your health and lifestyle”.

Encourage audience share and join ICF during the week of December 2018.

Include the ICF website as well as the logos of, which can be downloaded from the ICF website.

3. The suggested length of the video is between 1 minute to and 3 minutes. The video is not expected to be professionally produced but can be done using any technology (cameras, smartphones or animation) and edited by the participants themselves.

4. Videos can be produced in any language or none. However, English, Hindi and Marathi are the working languages. If the video uses another language, subtitles in English, French or Spanish should be provided.

5. The eligibility criteria for the entries are:
i· the insertion of the logos in the video
· the relevance of the video with regards to the theme
· the relevance of the video with regards to the purpose of the trailer which is
awareness raising
· the length of the video
· the respect of the languages constraints

6. The final video needs to be uploaded on on your channel with a brief description referring to the India Cycle Festival two weeks prior including the theme and a link to the ICF website.

7. The Youtube link needs to be sent to contact [email protected] & [email protected] with the subject “ICF 2018 Video Contest Participant”, together with a completed entry form which can be filled here.

8. Please submit your video link as soon as possible. The final deadline for submitting the video link by E-Mail is 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1:00) Monday, 1st December 2018.

9. Copyright of the submitted video remains with the respective entrants. However, in consideration of winning one of the prizes, each entrant grants a worldwide

What are you winning?

The best video will be showcased at the ICF in front of thousands of people.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill in the form by clicking here and let’s get started!

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Abhishek Tarfe, a man always on the move! A cycling enthusiast, a content writer by profession and a dreamer by nature. Abhishek always has something different up his sleeve! To know more, do follow him on his social media accounts.



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