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Questions Cyclists Are Really Tired of Hearing

7 Questions Cyclists Are Really Tired of Hearing

It is quite often for people to be mesmerized looking at cyclists ride their expensive bikes.

As much as cyclists love talking about cycling, there are certain questions that they are already tired of hearing.

Here are some questions cyclists are really tired of hearing that you are likely to relate to-

How much does your bike cost?

Doesn’t your butt hurt?


Do you know (insert a cyclists name)?

Forced conversation starters over a cyclist!


How many bicycles do you have?


 Where are you coming from?


 How fast can you ride?

What’s that?

When they see our portable pump, heart rate monitor or the speedometer!

If there are any questions that you have been asked by people while out on a ride, do comment and let us know using #VeloWantsToKnow.

 Images by Percy Natalia Karat

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Abhishek Tarfe, a man always on the move! A cycling enthusiast, a content writer by profession and a dreamer by nature. Abhishek always has something different up his sleeve! To know more, do follow him on his social media accounts.



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