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DONATE for the man who is Cycling for Cancer Prevention


Cancer, the word itself is feared by mankind. Its unforgiving nature is what leaves one in a state of shock. This silent killer is caused due to poverty, smoking, tobacco, exposure to radiation and carcinogens. While some cancers run in certain families, there are others who plot their own destiny.

The poor, uneducated are completely clueless about early cancer signs and symptoms.


As it does not cause any pain or discomfort, many fail to realise the early warnings, only to find out when it’s too late. While the government and cancer foundation of India are doing their bit, our nation certainly needs a crusader.

And that’s where Lt.Col Srinivas Gokulnath(Team Srini) is making a difference!

After losing some of his friends and family members to cancer, Srinivas is racing across America (RAAM) to raise funds for CANCER PREVENTION AND CONTROL.


This come June, he will be cycling 4800km in 12 days from the west to east coast of the USA. The race requires Srinivas Gokulnath to climb 175,000 feet, across 12 states that will test the utmost limits of his physical endurance, mental resilience and commitment to a cause.

What is Team Srini trying to achieve?

  • Promote cancer prevention and control across India
  • Provide clinical support for cancer patients
  • Gather funds that can help CFI buy equipment and perform free check-up
  • Become the first Indian to tame RAAM in the solo category

How can you contribute?

A donation from you can help cancer foundation of India to diagnose cancer among patients at an early stage.

All you need to do is log on to and donate.

This small difference made by you will help us fight cancer and win.

Follow this link to watch a two-minute video-  Team Srini (it will sum up everything you need to know)

Do follow us on Facebook to stay updated with our progress in fighting cancer.

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