Pune international Cycling triathlon and Duathlon

The Massacre- Pune International Triathlon & Duathlon

When PITD decided to come up with a triathlon and duathlon, we were excited and happy to know that India is finally progressing in the field of sports. However, when…

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Why SUFFERING is essential for cycling?

It often takes people a while to transition from “I love riding bikes” to “I am a cyclist.” If you have already made this transition, this article is for you….

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DONATE for the man who is Cycling for Cancer Prevention

  Cancer, the word itself is feared by mankind. Its unforgiving nature is what leaves one in a state of shock. This silent killer is caused due to poverty, smoking,…

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day 8 summing up1

Tour of Nilgirs Day 8 Summing up!

The last day of the tour of Nilgiris brought in a lot of excitement among the riders as well as the organizers and volunteers. As the riders gathered at the…

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Day 8

Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris Day 7 Report

As we move on towards the end of the tour, a sense of accomplishment among the riders could be noticed easily. With one day left for the tour to end,…

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day 6 tfn

Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris 2015 – Day 6

  With no competitive section on day 5 of the Indian terrain Tour of Nilgiris 2015, riders were in for a treat. After resting and refueling their tired muscles at…

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The Kalhatti Climb

Tour of Nilgiris: The Kalhatti Climb

Each day of the Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris has something or the other special to offer to the riders. When it comes to testing your mental will and your…

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day 4

Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris Day 4 Race Report

The much awaited day of the Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris kick started from the luxurious ‘’Issac Hotel Regency’’, Sulthan Bathery, Kerala. The riders rolled off the easy terrain passing…

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day 3 tfn

The Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris Day 3 Race Report

Day three of the Indian Terrain tour of Nilgiris required the riders to cross the border of Karnataka to enter God’s own country- Kerala. To do so, they are required…

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TFN day 2

Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris Day 2 Race Report

The Indian Terrain Tour of Nilgiris brought in a welcomed weather that the cyclists would crave for. Right after finishing their breakfast, the riders set foot out in the open….

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