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how to buy a second hand bicycle

How to buy a second hand bicycle?

It has come to our notice that a lot of people in India are working for more than eight hours a day. They are also known to carry their work…

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How to start cycling?

As a child we all loved cycling didn’t we? However, somewhere down the line, the simple pleasure of riding a bike has lost its way. With age, life got complicated…

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Monsoon Bicycle Care And Maintenance – DIY

Cycling in the rain has always been fun and exciting. It’s also a boon to those who are into endurance and racing as it helps them train harder and better. With the…

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Lacing Pattern for Cyclists

Since childhood, getting our shoe laces right may have been a task for most of us. As a cyclist, loose laces getting tangled in the chainring can lead to a…

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paint bicycle rims

How to Paint Bicycle Rims – DIY

As kids, most of us would love to pick up the paint brush and get creative, sometimes on paper but more often than not, on the wall. Well, painting a bicycle rim is the…

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DIY: Things to carry in a First Aid Kit for Cyclists

  “PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” This proverb is particularly relevant to all athletes, especially cyclists. All it takes is a tricky pothole or a failed break and before you…

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