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Bike tire pressure

Three Things You Need to Know About Getting Your Bike’s Tire Pressure Right

We often go on a bike ride just to realise that the tyre pressure is running low. This low pressure usually impacts the grip and the rolling resistance, thus making…

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tire pressure

Five Things You Should Know About Tire Pressure

We cyclist, care about carbon fibre and upgrades to enhance our bike rides and often forget about the little things that will make a whole lot of difference. One such…

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Do-It-Yourself: Must Do Bike Checks Before Every Ride

We often head out cycling without doing a bike check-up that ensures we are ready to take on the road and the hurdles on the way. Below are a few…

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100 Km Cycling

How to Prepare for Your First 100 Km Cycling

It doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with cycling. But when you do, cycling becomes a part of your life whether day or night. Once you are…

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Things Every Cyclist Should Have in Their Saddle Bag

Nobody likes carrying a lot of weight when it comes to cycling. A lot of weight on the bike will slow you down and make your hot bike look a…

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prevent tyre punctures

Beginner’s Guide: How to Prevent Tyre Punctures

Punctures are a part of cycling. There’s no way you can escape one and when it happens, you wish it was not today. Follow these simple steps below and prevent tyre punctures:-…

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gel pad seat

Benefits of Gel Pad Bike Seat

Whether you are riding your bike in the gym or on the open roads, sitting for hours on the saddle can get uncomfortable due to lack of padding. In such…

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Advantages cycling gloves

Advantages of Wearing Cycling Gloves

We often go cycling and return back home with red marks on our hands. It’s like a medal embossed on the palms of our hands. While some of us are…

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essential cycling gear

Newbie Checklist- Essential Cycling Gear

It is not unusual to spot a newbie cyclist doing it wrong. The bike fit, the frame size or maybe even the gear. Often, cyclists buy accessories just to have…

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Difference Between a Gear Cycle and a Gearless Cycle

  Everyone these days is looking to buy the latest bicycle in the market. Some prefer roadbikes while others prefer mountain bikes or hybrids. There are also a few who…

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