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Unived Interview with Amit Mehta part 3

Can you clear some misconceptions of Vegan products?

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that they think Vegan or Plant-Based products are not as effective as dairy/animal/synthetic products. They have this misconception because they have been schooled & misinformed, through mass advertising, that being healthy means looking buff like a mini Arnold. With this misconception, men often tend to spend hours in the gym lifting weights and consuming products that assist unnatural bulking of the body and muscles. Plant-based products do not give the body that effect, and hence they feel the product are not good.

What people need to understand that the human body was not meant to be so buff, that you can’t even turn around to wipe your ass. Humans are meant to be lean, strong, mobile, agile, and are meant to use their superior cardiovascular system. Being light, and fast, can be healthier than being a gym buff who can’t run more than a few hundred meters.

Healthy does not mean strong – healthy means getting your physical and mental self to a state that is sustainable for the long-term, and has long-lasting health benefits. The plant-based diet is the only diet that has been scientifically proven to give you just that. And, plant-based products give your body the nutrients it needs to remain healthy, not anabolic crap to morph it into an unnatural shape and size.

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Tell us some of your pioneering products. What makes them so special?

We’ve produced a lot of stuff that has been a ‘first’ for India. I consider this our original contribution to the Indian health & wellness industry.

–        Vegan Omega-3 DHA: in 2012 we became the first company in India to offer Omega-3 DHA from mirco-algae.

–        RYR: 2012 Red Yeast Rice – a natural alternative to synthetic statins for cholesterol management for the first time in India

–        CalDveg: in 2014 we became the first company in India to offer a holistic bone health product that uses Calcium from Algae, Magnesium from Algae, Vitamin D3 from plants, Vitamin K2-7 from natto beahs, and has 73 other natural trace minerals. Till date, this is the only formulation of its kind in India.

–        D-Veg: 2014 we launched India’s first plant-based Vitmain D3 – derived from lichens.

–        RRUNN: 2014 we launched the first complete endurance system with a Pre-During-Post range of products for endurance atheltes

–        RRUNN Salt Caps: 2015, India’s first salt capsules for endurance athletes

–        RRUNN Endurance Gels: 2015, the first and till date only endurance gels developed and made in India

–        Lean Pea Protein: 2015, the first plant-based pea protein product in India

–        Coffee for Athletes: 2016, the first endurance based coffee – a unique product.

These are some of the products that have been originally researched and developed by us, in-house. We’re really proud of this work.

Future plans?

I want to continue to innovate in the sports nutrition space. We’re working on some really cool projects with respect to foods in the outdoor space, it’ll take some time but we will get it done. We’re also getting exposed to international markets and that is very exciting for us as athletes from other countries have started using the products and seem to be liking them.

Any range of products that you will be introducing?

Yes, we plan to launch the RRUNN Ultra-Series of products this year. We’ve been working on these since 2015 and I think it’s a few more months before we can launch them.

Would you like to contribute to velocrushindia?

You guys are doing a great job on supporting the cycling community with information so they can make informed decisions on their purchase for cycles, nutrition, and more. Keep at it.

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