Cycling Events in India – Biggest Tours and Races

cycling events in india

 cycling events in india

Whether it’s mountain biking, road racing, DH biking or recreational, cycling events in India has a lot to offer the growing fraternity of men and women in lycra. But little have we realized the many benefits of cycling and the good it can do to us. But those who are a part of this blooming fraternity will agree, endurance cycling is highly exploited. With hundreds of cyclists participating regularly in Brevets, they happen to be everyone’s favorites.  Even if every ride feels like a battle on the road fighting for that little inch of space on the edge, cyclists don’t hesitate to wake up before dawn and ride towards a healthier tomorrow.

If you happen to be a long distance fanatic who loves exploring and testing his/her mental and physical strength, the below-mentioned cycling events in India are a must on your bucket list.

Desert 500:

Desert 500

If calming and comforting are two words that don’t exist in your dictionary, make it a point to sign up for the Desert 500. Three editions down, the race demands cyclists to pedal through the Great Indian Desert (Thar).  With wintry 25 degrees in the day, to a chilled 10 degrees at night, the smooth road passes through endless sand dunes and altering headwinds. In spite of such harsh weather conditions, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant ride as the wind whispers to the sand.


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If you are opting for the 500-kilometer challenge, endurance cyclists mandatorily have to pass through the famous city of Jodhpur-Osiyan-Phalodi-Ramdevra-Pokhran-dechoo-Phalodi-Nagaur and back. Riders are required to cover this brutal distance within a span of 24 hours. Those who feel that 500 kilometers are a lot, can consider opting for the shorter versions as well.

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The Desert 500 is also a RAAM Qualifier where cyclists are not only required to tackle 680 km’s in 28 hours but also have to fight the harsh weather.

Deccan Cliffhanger:



Another Ultra cycling events in India that is popular among the cycling fraternity is the Deccan Cliffhanger. Comprising of a total distance of (401 miles), the race begins in the city of cycles -Pune and ends on the stunning seashores of Goa. Like the Desert 500, the race is also a Race across America (RAAM) Qualifier.

cycling in india

Established on the Deccan Plateau, this cycling events in India route trails the Sahyadri Range, which defines the western edge of the Deccan, before it navigates through dense forests that cover the cliffs of the Escarpment, into the Konkan as it heads to the Indian Ocean.


This is not the end, the route further passes through Mahabalesher, Satara, Belgaum and other popular destinations that offer a clear view of the sky and stunning roads. With prodigious beaches, fresh seafood and most importantly a low tax on beer, Goa is the perfect place to recover after a brutal battle on the road.

Tour of Nilgiris:

cycling events in india

Grown to become one of the largest cycling events in India, the Tour of Nilgiris has something special to offer. Spanning over 800+ kilometers across the southern Peninsula, cyclists from India, Belgium, Uk, Netherlands, Dubai and other nations across the globe. Besides, the tour also passes through the three wildlife sanctuaries of Bandipur in Karnataka, Waynad in Kerala and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu.


There are no other cycling events in India that offer such astounding views and is guaranteed to take care of all your needs.  What makes this tour even exciting is that cyclists can test their endurance, temperament, physical and mental limits.


Tour of Tamil Nadu:

Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty-Tamil Nadu2

If touring and exploring scenic view is what you love, the Tour of Tamil Nadu is a must on your bucket list. An annual theme-based cycle tour that spans over seven days, it aims to promote eco-friendly tourism and good health through cycling. Held in the last week of December, the tour can be a perfect way to spend your New Year’s differently.  With complete support from medical aids, masseurs, mechanics, caterers, support vehicles, and sweep trucks, cycling events in India is luxurious like no other.

MTB Himalaya:

cycling events in indiaMountain Biking Himalaya is not an event but an experience that you will treasure all your life. With MTB Himalaya, you can enjoy the spectacular sunrises, lush greenery delicately balanced with human existence. If you are looking to test your human endurance, there is nothing better than the cycling events in India -Himalayas.


The stunning scenery of Shimla, Rohru, Narkanda, Chanshal Valley along with the strenuous cycling expedition make MTB Himalaya an enduring experience. This race is the perfect venue for those who love riding further or up into the Blue Mountains.

At any of the above cycling events in India tours and races, you are guaranteed to meet like minded people. So don’t forget to put on that smile and carry a good camera along to get back home those picture perfect moments.

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    Hey I am planning to do a solo
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    Day 2 – Jaipur – Ajmer 140km
    Day 3 – Ajmer – Udaipur 265 km
    Day 4 – Udaipur – Ahmedabad 263km
    Day 5 – Ahmedabad – Surat 269
    Day 6 – Surat – Nashik 239km
    Day 7 – Nashik – Gate way of India 184km
    you think if an average fitness person trains for 6 months be able to cycle 260 kms a day.

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